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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Da Cruz "Sistema Subversiva"

What is it about this music that I like? Just about everything. I have no idea what the lyrics say in Portuguese, & I don't really care. It's the rhythm that I'm grooving. The first song, "Boom Boom Boom" lays out the rest of the disc. These are beats to march, to rebel, to subvert the system. If Mariana Da Cruz & Ane H.wants to be a subversive system, I'm ready to be part of the system.

They're music is funky, jazzy, irrational, & explosive. The best tracks, IMHO, are "Boom Boom Boom", "Curumin", "Chega", "Warm Leatherette" (the Grace Jones cover), & "Tschu Tschu" which have so much energy & randomness. Mariana's voice is sexy & raw.

While some of the tracks are slower than others, they all have very danceable beats. Sometimes the accompaniment is very electronic, but it also uses acoustic guitars. It reminds me of Yaz, not so much as similar in musical style as the contrast of Mariana's vocals from the music much like Alyson Moyet's voice made the electronic music of Yaz more raw & human.

These are funky fun songs that have great beats & leave me feeling energized. I'll using this in my headphones when I run. I highly recommend them to you, just be in a place where you can shake your booty!

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